Former Superman, Brandon Routh, Cast as the Atom in CW’s Arrow


In CW’s successful show Arrow, Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen, otherwise known as “The Arrow” (Green Arrow). Quite recently, Amell stated that Queen is not planned to appear in any of the DC collaboration films in the near future; most notably, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. In the film, Wonderwoman, Cyborg, Aquaman, and the two characters in the title are all slotted to appear on screen together, less the Green Arrow, with no rumors of the Flash or even Green Lantern.

But just because we won’t see Green Arrow and Superman sharing the silver screen together, does not mean they won’t share the TV screen. Sort of. Okay, not really. That was sort of misleading. Point is, Brandon Routh, who played Superman in the not-so-great Superman Returns will be in season 3 of Arrow, this time playing Ray Palmer—better known as “The Atom”, a hero with the ability to shrink himself down the subatomic level while maintaining his normal strength through the use of white dwarf star matter in his belt. Yeah, the Atom is not really one of our favorite characters either.

“I am totally NOT lame, you guys. I can like, shrink real small and stuff.”

It is likely that we will be seeing a lot more heroes and villains hitting DC’s television series, considering all they hype for the Flash spinoff and the cult following of Arrow. One thing is for sure, we have really enjoyed the first two seasons of Arrow and are definitely looking forward to its return. Keep your eyes open for more news, here on Geek Outpost.


Arrow will return this October for season 3, exclusively on the CW Network.


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