English Dub of ‘Dragon Ball Super’ Launching in 2016

Toonami will air the DBZ sequel series English dub in Asia.

It has been confirmed. An English dub of Dragon Ball Super is coming next year!

The hotly anticipated English dub of the latest incarnation of Dragon Ball will premiere first on Toonami in Asia.

Yes, that is correct. An English version of the series will debut first in Southeast Asia and India, not in North America.

While disappointing for Americans, it’s important to understand the wide appeal of Dragon Ball and the humongous audiences for it in the East.

“This announcement is huge for fanboys and girls in Asia. Dragon Ball is undoubtedly the original and world’s biggest anime export, and is a cornerstone of our programming on Toonami,” -Mark Eyers, the Chief Content Officer for Turner’s Kids Networks in Asia Pacific.


Although Asia will receive DBS in English first, chances are that the announcement of the series coming to other territories is soon to follow.

FUNimation, who localizes the series in America for example, continues to support Dragon Ball through their dubs of Battle of Gods and Resurrection ‘F’, and they even hosted a DBS panel at NYCC last October.

They have yet to confirm their English dub, or the series coming West, but we’ll let you know as soon as they do.

Poster for the first two ‘Super’ sagas

Dragon Ball Super is a sequel to the anime and manga of Dragon Ball Z. It picks up after the defeat of Majin Buu, but before Goku leaves with Uub at the very end of DBZ.

Series creator Akira Toriyama has been involved with Super’s creation, as he is developing the story, as well as writing the companion manga. 

So far, the series has run for 18 episodes since its premiere last July in Japan.

A majority of these episodes have been a retelling of Battle of Gods, and a Resurrection ‘F’ arc is just beginning.

However, brand new content will begin following that arc, where Goku and company will explore alternate universes and search for the mysterious “Super Dragon Balls.”

The English dub of Dragon Ball Super will premiere on Toonami in Asia mid-2016.


We’ll be sure to let you known when the series premieres in other territories! 



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