Dead Space Remake Reviews are In and They are Very Positive

Whether it be on PC, PlayStation or Xbox, Dead Space (2023) is a total banger.



Dead Space is a very special franchise to many gamers, and for good reason. It set the bar for survival horror extremely high and delivered one of the most memorable gaming experiences of 2008. 2011 saw a sequel that was just as good if not better in many ways. This was before a departure from the franchise’s core concepts with 2013’s Dead Space 3 leaving fans without hope for the future. In fact, even when the announcement of a remake from EA, fans were skeptical due to it being, well, EA. Well, that is all about to change for the better…

Skeptics should feel a wave of relief in that the highly-anticipated Dead Space (2023) is a total grand slam homerun as the title is receiving stellar scores across the board from major video game outlets. And, to make it all the sweeter, the game is receiving positive reviews on every platform.

Geek Outpost: 9/10

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MetaCritic: 87/100

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OpenCritic: 90/100

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Game Informer: 9/10

“Rather than reinvent the wheel, Motive made Dead Space look nicer, play better, and preserved the core of the experience. Its new flourishes add to that enjoyment instead of subtracting.”

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IGN: 9/10

“Dead Space is a superb remake and undoubtedly the definitive way to experience one of the best survival horror shooters that Capcom never made.”

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PC Gamer: 84/100

“The Dead Space remake sets a new standard for the future of the survival horror series⁠, even if it isn’t the sequel I’ve been pining for.”

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GameSpot: 9/10

“The Dead Space remake may not feel entirely necessary, but it improves upon the original with some smart new additions to almost every aspect of its design.”

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Dead Space (2023) releases Friday for next-generation consoles and PC but console players can pick the game up a day early from GameStop if they pre-ordered.

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