3DS Game ‘Dragon Ball Fusions’ Releases Worldwide This Winter


Goku x Broly. Gohan x Piccolo. Yamacha x Vegeta. Later this year you’ll be able to fuse together all sorts of Dragon Ball characters.

Bandai Namco has announced that the previously exclusive to Japan 3DS game Dragon Ball Fusions is launching worldwide this winter.


What is Dragon Ball Fusions?

Dragon Ball Fusions is an action RPG where the player creates their own custom avatar, similar to Xenoverse. The player will ally themselves with a huge cast of Dragon Ball characters, spanning up through Super, and can combine with those characters via Fusion Dance or EX-Fusion, a new technique that allows almost any two characters to fuse together .

The player also meets up with a new character named Pinich, and the game’s story unfolds via “Collect and PowerUp/Rock-Scissors-Paper” RPG gameplay.

Which characters can fuse?

The game features over 70 playable characters, and over 50 possible character combinations through EX-Fusion. For example, Goku and Broily become Karoly, Kid Gohan and Kid Trunks become Gohanks, and Cell and Freiza become Cellza. 

Click on the images in the gallery below for more EX-Fusion possibilities. 

Dragon Ball Fusions for the 3DS comes to North America on December 13 and Europe in February 2017. 


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