Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Budoten Trailer Released – Set to Have Over 100 Characters


20 characters have been confirmed to play, while dozens of NPCs will support the player in battle.



The game is set to release in just a few months in Japan, though it has not been confirmed to release in NA yet. As with most Dragon Ball games, many are a Japan-only exclusive, though with the hype around this summers Resurrection ‘F’ film, it could be possible that the interest of the west could be enough of a market where releasing it in English could be possible.

Extreme Butoden will release with a few added bonuses including Super Butoden 2, a game originally released in 1993 in Japan, then France and Spain in 1994. Also, players will receive a collectible Dragon Ball Heroes card featuring Goku, and a coin featuring Golden Frieza’s form from Resurrection ‘F’.


3 Add Ons


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