Want More Dragon Ball Super? The Manga has 7 Chapters Following The Tournament of Power – Chapter 50 Releasing July 20

The Dragon Ball Super anime concluded after the finale of the Tournament of Power, but the manga goes well beyond that.

Dragon Ball is a gargantuan franchise, spanning a few theatrically released films over the last few years, and several story arcs dating back from the 80s. Currently, the episodes of Dragon Ball Super, the series’ most recent installment arc, has concluded following the epic climax of Goku and the Z Fighters facing off against Jiren in the Tournament of Power. But there is so much more coming, at least in the manga.

With so much popularity building around the series, it shouldn’t shock anyone that Dragon Ball is still going. What many may not know, is that there are nearly 10 chapters following this anime conclusion that goes beyond what we have seen so far on TV or the big screen with the latest, Chapter 50, set to release this month on July 20th.

If you take a look at any source that lists out all the volumes and chapters of the manga, you will see that the anime ended roughly around Volume 9, Chapter 42, titled “Battle’s End and Aftermath”. This may not be 100% accurate, since we have only seen five total volumes released from VIZ, so far, so that may change once the paperback comes out. However, if we are to follow the Wikipedia article on it, you will see that Chapter 44 introduces a whole new bad guy by the name of Moro.

Moro is this kind of sorcerer who is heading to Namek to gather the Namekian Dragon Balls. Thing is, he is allegedly more powerful than the Gods

Moro is your typical Dragon Ball villain- more powerful than anyone before him, after the Dragon Balls to serve himself, will kill anyone in the way, etc., etc. 

Moro is this kind of sorcerer who is heading to Namek to gather the Namekian Dragon Balls. Thing is, he is allegedly more powerful than the Gods, including Beerus (or at least we are being teased that he is).

I won’t spoil anything further for you, but if you have not got the chance, head on over to Viz.com and browse through to read the manga and get caught up. That is unless you are one of the few who prefer anime over the manga. In which case, shame on you. Fake fan. Just kidding. Maybe.

Anywho, since we are waiting to get Volume 6 of the trade paperback, we are a little behind, myself especially. I have seen the anime, read the manga (through Volume 5), which goes up to Chapter 28, but it won’t be until later this year before we get Volume 6. So do yourself a favor and sign up with Viz and get yourself caught up and get your fix of Dragon Ball Super already.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.



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