Jose Lavat, Narrator for the Latin America Dubbed Dragon Ball Z, Has Passed Away

DBZ fans all over the world are mourning the unexpected loss.

The world renown voice actor Jose Lavat who famously voiced the narrator for Dragon Ball Z has sadly passed away. Toei Animation broke the news on social media with a touching tribute saying:

“Rest in peace Jose Lavat, an amazing dubbing actor who lended his voice talent to many famous characters for Hispanic audiences including the narrator in Dragon Ball Z. Thank you #PepeLavat for everything.”

Lavat’s passing surely is a painful one as fans who grew up with Dragon Ball Z‘s Latin American Spanish dub admired the voice actor’s passion for the anime and his unique voice. Without the Lavat, Dragon Ball Z definitely wouldn’t be as widely popular in Latin America as it is right now. It was this man’s voice who brought the anime to life for people of all ages and the voice actor extended his work to dub for anime like Death Note and other shows and films like Tarzan, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, and Street Fighter.

RIP Jose Lavat, you will be dearly missed.



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