Danny DeVito Wants to do a Matilda Sequel

Danny DeVito has always wanted to make 'Matilda 2', but could it actually happen?

Last week acting legend Danny DeVito sat down with ComicBook.com and discussed a great many things, among them DeVito’s desire to see a Matilda 2.

“I always wanted to do ‘Matilda 2’, but when the kid was still a kid, but that was like 20 years ago, 25 years ago. Maybe Matilda has a kid, and we can do something [with] that, I don’t know.”

Actress Mara Wilson, who played Matilda, has not been on the big screen in nearly 20 years. However, Wilson has expressed her passion for the character and the story of Matilda but has not exactly been overly outspoken on wanting to do more in terms of a sequel, though she did sit down with Variety last year to reflect on her life since playing her in 1996.

2019 has come and is almost gone, but it is clear that reboots and sequels to old classics are more popular in this age than ever, so the possibility of a sequel or reboot does not seem unreasonable. It all just depends on who is involved and if there is a reasonably strong audience demand.

If nothing else, we can definitely see a reboot or sequel becoming a Netflix Original.

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