Disney’s Hercules is Getting the Live-Action Treatment – Bring Back Danny DeVito as Phil

The Russo Bros. are producing so that's something.

Disney is making live-action versions of everything. If you enjoyed an animated Disney film at some point in your life, then you should be expecting a live-action version of it soon. Next up on the list: Hercules.

The 1997 animated Hercules movie is one of our most favorites to date, and while many of the live-action films Disney has pumped out over recent years haven’t really done much to expand on the animated originals (aside from make us appreciate the animated films more), this is one movie that could do some incredibly interesting things if done into live-action.

Heading the project as producers are the Russo Bros., the dynamic duo that brought us Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, along with writer Dave Callaham (The Expandables, upcoming MCU film ‘Shang-Chi’) to put the script together.

As of now, rumors are starting to circulate on casting and other key roles in the film-making process, but we won’t cover that until something substantial sticks out to us. However, we wouldn’t mind seeing Kevin Sorbo cast as Zeus as a sort of callback/nod to The Legendary Journeys.

We would love for Disney to bring these two into the project on-screen somehow. Wouldn’t you?

As of now, there is no confirmation on any further particular details like a concrete release date or even if this live-action version will contain any musical numbers like the original. And while its possible that it could (Zero to Hero was a jam), it probably doesn’t need it with all the action and Hydra slaying Herc is going to do.

Just promise us that Danny DeVito is coming back as the voice of Philoctetes/Phil.




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