Here’s Your First Look at CW’s Kid Flash

Wally will finally don the yellow and red suit this fall. 

The Fastest Teen Alive is set to debut in this upcoming third season of The Flash, and we now know how he’ll look. 

Warner Bros. and The CW have revealed the first images of Kenyan Lonsdale as Wally West in costume as Kid Flash. 

Check him out below. 


Wally was introduced last season as a former drag-racer whom Barry sees as a capable and potential hero. Although he was subjected to the same particle accelerator experiment that gave Barry superhuman speed, Wally currently doesn’t have any powers. However, due to Barry’s shenanigans on Earth-2, there’s plenty of possibilities for Wally to gain some super speed. 

Appearance-wise, we think Lonsdale looks great; keeping the same style of Flash’s costume while adding flair from the Kid Flash of the comics. 

We’re super excited to see Wally run alongside the Scarlett Speedster in the coming months, but honestly, this reveal makes us miss Young Justice even more. 



The Flash returns to The CW this fall.




Jake Culhane
Jake Culhane
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