Cube World Developer Breaks Years of Silence to Announce He is Revamping the Game

We are glad to see you back, Wollay. Now don't mess this up again.



Wolfram von Funck, better known by his online handle, Wollay, has broken his silence of more than three years after an incredibly disappointing launch of Cube World, the procedurally generated voxel game that has been in development since the early 2000s. Wollay says that he is rebuilding the game with a new engine and features and that the game’s revamp will be titled “Cube World Omega”, a title intentionally referencing the glory days of Cube World Alpha, a much-beloved version of the game that had its features stripped almost entirely when Cube World officially launched on Steam back in 2019.

Wollay, who hasn’t been in the public eye since 2019, faced an incredible amount of backlash after sharing countless features the community was hoping to see in Cube World’s official release only to leave almost everyone feeling duped and swindled when the game went live on Steam with nearly all the quality of life features having been removed for some strange reason. Now, Wollay has revealed his new blog over on to share that he is working on an improved version of Cube World with a new engine, procedural models, music, user interface, and much, much more.

“I’m currently working on a new version of Cube World. I chose the project title Cube World Omega as a reference to Cube World Alpha, because I’d like to develop it in the spirit of that version, but with a new engine and new features.”

Take a look and see what Wollay has apparently been working on all these years:

Over on the Wollay blog, Wolfram goes on to talk about the major improvements in the works which should see the return of many missing features that have left scathing reviews of the current version of the game over on Steam. In fact, the reviews are so bad, fans and community members have been seeking out earlier versions of the Alpha build due to it feeling more complete with quality-of-life improvements and features that built Cube World’s following in the first place.

It is hard to say just why Wollay released the version of the game he had on Steam in the state it was and is currently, especially since many aspects of Cube World are genius. On top of that, Wollay is handling the game’s programming, design, and music as a solo developer with very little outside help. However, we have heard his wife is involved in a few ways as well but Wolfram has been taking on the project mostly on his own since the game’s inception. That said, chatter online suggested that Wollay struggled with his mental health while working on the project which led to the release of an unfinished and disappointing release. However, that is just speculation at this point.

Considering the amount of work that goes into game development, and that Wollay is mostly on his own with Cube World, one would likely assume that Von Funck has been working tirelessly in the shadows to improve the game and his image. And while many had long since given up hope, there were a select few that felt Wollay had not given up. We are just glad to see that this is true. But you know what they say- fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, and we are going to request a refund if you pull this half-assed sh*t on Steam again, Wollay.

Glad to have you back. Don’t f*ck this up.

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