Chris Pratt Might be Joining the Ghostbusters Universe


It seems everyone wants Chris Pratt in their movies these days. Well, almost everyone.

[dropcap size=small]W[/dropcap]hat is better than Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray in a comedy? How about Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt? The new Ghostbusters movie isn’t a all male cast, more of a ‘guy-centric’ movie with two male friends at the center of it all. This is all based on the real-life friendship between the two actors who want to make a movie together. This is all speculation at this point but this could be a great pairing giving the both have comedy success.

The movie itself will be complementary to the Paul Feig film coming out next summer. The plan is to have an Avengers-style setup with the Feig and Tatum films coming out in back-to-back summers, then the two teams combining to make another all-star cast movie. This shared universe allows Feig to do his thing, and lets Reitman, Drew Pearce, and the Russo’s to do theirs, and can crossover when they must.


That’s three movies! With talks of a fourth which would be a prequel that will take place before either of the two. When exactly? who knows, but its said to have nothing to do with the original Ghostbusters. Reitman said in an interview, “The rights issues with those characters are too complex.

Will it work? Only time will tell, but with the all-female, Tatum/Pratt, their crossover and prequel movie in plan, we can’t wait to see what the future holds. Feig’s Ghostbusters is due out next Summer 2016 and the hopes of the Tatum/Pratt film will be out the summer of 2017.


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