Canceled First Gen Pokemon “Pink Version” Leaked, Featured Female Player and Clefairy Companion

The canceled title was allegedly supposed to be a first-gen alternative to Pokemon Yellow Version.

Earlier this month, the source code for Pokemon Yellow version leaked on 4chan, revealing an early concept for a proposed companion title featuring Clefairy. This leaked first-gen game, coined ‘Pokemon Pink Version’, also featured a female playable character in the lead with Clefairy as their starter that followed the player around.

In ‘Pink Version’, the female player would have likely received Clefairy as the starter and had it following her around with various moods and unique interactions just like Pikachu did in Yellow.

The canceled Clefairy game didn’t seem to make it too far in development, but according to sources, 4chan users are running with the original concept and idea and allegedly working on a Rom Hack that will supposedly bring this game to life after all.

According to YouTuber Dr. Lava (credit and thanks to him for this news), a member of the Rom Hack community by the name of ‘Darkshadow’ is among the devs that are working on the Pokemon Pink Rom. Dr. Lava goes on to state that while they personally aren’t one to cover news on Rom Hacks, this project is quite interesting and likely worthy of future coverage. You can check out Lava’s Twitter for updates, or sub to their YouTube channel for plenty of awesome Pokemon leaks and news.

In addition to Pokemon Pink being among the most interesting tidbits of the source code leak, Lava also reported that there were a handful of prototype content that was cut, including unused maps that could have been earlier designs for the towns among the Kanto region, or new towns altogether.

For all the latest news on Pokemon leaks, details regarding unused content, and more, be sure to check out Dr. Lava. You will be glad you did.

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