Broly and Bardock Fighterz Full Trailers are Here, Release Date Announced

Goku’s dad and a big buff angry man are coming very soon as paid DLC.

Bandai Namco has finally fully unveiled Dragon Ball FighterZ‘ first DLC characters, Broly and Bardock, with new character trailers. 

First up is Broly. 

In the trailer, we see the Legendary Super Saiyan pummel Goku with his distinct green Eraser attacks, and that obnoxious cackle. 

Next up is Bardock.

The father of Goku joins the fight in an awesome mock-battle with Frieza (With KILLER theme music! Seriously I love that track.). We see the Saiyan warrior use his iconic Final Spirit Cannon attack to finish up the Galactic Emperor, after becoming a SUPER SAIYAN! That’s right, it looks like Bardock is able to transform into a mighty blonde powerhouse, an ability he first demonstrated in the divisive 2011 manga/anime special Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock

Bandai Namco also revealed that Broly and Bardock will be available to download as paid DLC on Wednesday, March 28. The individual cost of these characters has yet to be revealed, but they are free if you bought the $35 FighterZ season pass. 

We’re super excited to try these fan-favorite characters out, and we’re even more excited to see more Dragon Ball movie characters make their way into FighterZ. (That would be super Cool…er)

Dragon Ball FighterZ is available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. 


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  1. LASTEEL 23 March, 2018 at 20:02 Reply

    The problem with Dragon Ball is that there are just too many Gokus. Diet Goku, Regular Goku, Blueberry Goku, Goku Black and probably more besides a little bit silly for one Goku and his immediate family to make up half the dang cast. Not a trend that”ll be ending soon either, at least according to Dragon Ball FighterZ s first set of DLC characters. Gearing up for release on March 28th are Bardock (Goku”s Dad), and Broly, who is technically unrelated but sure as hell looks like a Goku to me. Android 16 has a lot of work ahead of him. (more)

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