‘Black Widow’ is Reportedly Being Delayed Again

Who else saw that coming?



Thank in part to the ongoing complexities surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic it appears Black Widow has been delayed again. First slated for a release in May of 2020, the film was pushed back to November of 2020 before being delayed once again until May of this year. However, with this month and the next few months showing no sign of films being released in theaters the film’s release date is now in doubt.

Marvel fans have been hopeful Disney would move the film to Disney+ for a “Premier Access” release but that seems highly unlikely given the amount of money Disney has made in theaters with prior Marvel films.

The Variety had this to say about the situation:

As for ‘Black Widow’, expect the 2020 delay treatment should the theater situation not improve over the spring.

Since it’s the first 2020s film from the franchise that propelled the studio to a now fictional-seeming $11 billion global gross in 2019, another delay before a last-ditch Disney+ release is more likely to occur.

Sadly, this is somewhat to be expected. With the coronavirus raging through the country with the highest cases we’ve seen since it began, many companies are reluctant to release their films in theaters, let alone online. Unless you’re Warner Bros. of course.

But with the general public losing its appetite for seeing films in theaters it’s likely Disney will hold off on releasing the film in theaters until some time in the fall, hopefully.

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In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and is widely regarded as a bad move.

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