Batman: Arkham Knight Mod to Allow Users to Play as Different Characters

A new mod for the PC allows Arkham Knight users to play as characters like the Joker, Catwoman, Robin, and many more!

It’s been a rocky start for Batman: Arkham Knight players on the PC platform. The game has presented a number of glitches and graphics issues causing the game to be taken out of the Steam Store until any improvements are made. Nvidia and Rocksteady have both put their best techs on the game to get it fixed ASAP for PC users.

However, there is some good news for players who plan to still play the game on the PC. A recent mod was released that allows players to roam around Gotham as characters other than Batman. In this mod, players are able to play as Red Hood, Harley Quinn, Nightwing, Robin, Azrael, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, the Joker, and GCPD Officer Owens. Instructions to implement the mod on the PC can be found here. Just remember to back up and save your game if you plan on trying to use the mod.

PC users still continue to have some issues with the game this week, but there have been a few patches implemented to fix the bugs. Warner Bros. made a statement that said performance has been improved significantly but no concrete finish date has been released. Users will have to be patient a little longer for the bug fixes to be finished, but being able to implement this mod definitely makes the wait worthwhile.