Arkham Knight DLC Leaked


Batman: Arkham Knight, the highly anticipated final chapter to the Batman: Arkham video game series won’t be released to gamers until 2015, but some of game’s pre-order DLCs have been revealed.

Those who pre-order Batman: Arkham Knight through GameStop will also receive story packs that allows gamers to play as Red Hood, a vigilante who generally operates outside of Batman’s moral boundaries, and Harley Quinn, who is better known as the Joker’s girlfriend and trusted confidant.

GameStop is offering exclusive DLCs to those who preorder Batman: Arkham Knight

The game’s release was pushed back from this October, with speculation that developer Rocksteady Studios wants to have a strong conclusion to the series.

Batman: Arkham Knight is set to be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows in 2015. It will be developed by Rocksteady Studios, which also produced Batman: Arkham Asylum and its sequel Batman: Arkham City.


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