Base Goku and Base Vegeta Officially Revealed as the Next DLC Characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ

(I’m on vacation right now so if you can think of a good “too many Gokus” joke please @ me.)

Bandai Namco has officially revealed via their Twitter account that the 3rd set of DLC characters for Dragon Ball FighterZ will be base Goku and base Vegeta.

The “base” forms of these characters refers to their classic non-Super Saiyan appearances, so Saiyan Saga moves and looks. Specifically, Vegeta can unleash his stylish Galick Gun and Goku can perform his iconic Kaioken and Spirit Bomb. 

Thanks to hackers looking into the game data for FighterZ, it has been speculated for months that base forms of Goku and Vegeta would be added as DLC challenges, but now it has been officially confirmed. As all past DLC characters were correctly predicted by the leak, look forward to Android 17 and Cooler being the final DLC fighters!

Would we have preferred completely new characters to join the FighterZ roster like Jiren or Master Roshi? Of course. Are we upset we’re getting base Goku and Vegeta instead? Eh, not really. We love their iconic moves and outfits, so even if this should have just been a costume update to the original versions of these characters, we’re happy with their inclusion over all.

We’ll let you know when the release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC 3 is announced!

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