A Star Wars Virtual Reality Adventure is Being Developed

This is actually happening. I repeat, this is actually happening!

The Void, a virtual reality company has been carving out its very own unique niche of immersive experiences that combine both VR headsets with actual physical locations. Its next big project is taking on the Star Wars Universe with a new game, Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.


Goodbye, reality. It was nice knowing ya!

The latest in the “hyper-reality” experiences, offers fans the chance to step inside a virtual Star Wars world later this year with locations in both Anaheim, California, and Orlando, Florida.

Similar to previous Void attractions, like Ghostbusters: Dimensions, Secrets of the Empire will be a VR experience that fans can see, touch, and interact with. You’ll be able walk through a physical stage and sets, with the virtual world mapped on top of it thanks to a customized head-mounted display, haptic vest, and backpack computer.

As for what the storyline of the game will be, there is little to no details on that front yet. However, the image released for the game seems to depict the planet Mustafar, with Darth Vader’s castle off in the distance.

CEO Cliff Plumer, who has previously worked on Star Wars films in the visual effects arena, says reaching for that same level of quality with this new game has required a significant step forward for the company in almost all aspects of its presentation.  He is quoted as saying,

“The quality bar that you can expect with an intellectual property like Star Wars is just beyond next level, It’s what you would expect coming from an ILM. The visual fidelity, the sound, all the other sensory effects… If Ghostbusters was version one, it’s hard to even put a number on which version this is, because it’s not version two.”

The reception of the game is still unclear however, with the release set to coincide in time to ride a new wave of hype generated by Star Wars: The Last Jedi, its sure to be relatively well received.

The Anaheim-based Secrets of the Empire will be located in Downtown Disney, the shopping complex just outside the gates of Disneyland, while the Orlando location will be in the similarly themed Disney Springs location. Both being high foot-traffic areas, but more importantly they’re not within the gates of a particular park.

Stay tuned for more details as they are announced but in the meantime, we are looking at a release date around this holiday season for Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire.


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