Someone Just Broke Smash for Wii U With This New Technique


[dropcap size=small]O[/dropcap]ne of Smash’s weaker characters just got a lot deadlier. The newly-discovered, game-breaking, “PikAmp” technique turned Captain Olimar into a insta-kill fighter. The technique is tricky to trigger but, when done correctly, can result in some insanely amplified damage.

The technique was discovered by 24-year-old Smasher, Trevor Williams. For those of you familiar with the Smash community, Smashboards is a main hub for competitive players. Being a huge fan of competitive Smash, I can often be found lurking the boards. A fellow Smashboard member weighed in on the process:

Step 1. Throw Pikmin, preferably onto someone, or make sure the reflector is in between you and Pikmin (in this case, make sure they can walk to the reflector).

Step 2. Have player 2 reflect it so the Pikmin touches the reflector by walking by, or latching.

Step 3. Using the Order Tackle custom move, bring the Pikmin back. If they are done at the right timing, you can get almost 100% on your opponent.

Step 4. Note this Pikmin. it is now busted until it dies, is thrown, or used in a smash attack.

It’ll be fun to troll my friends in Free-For-Alls, then pretend I have no idea how it happened. However, Nintendo announced that they won’t be doing any more balance patches. I think this would be an exception to the rule, but we’ll just have to wait and see. Until then, happy smashing.

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