Zelda is the Latest to get a Fan-Made Live Action Teaser



First it was the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, then it was Dragon Ball Z, and now… it’s the Legend of Zelda that joins the growing list of impressive quality fan-filmmaking. Take a look at the elegant 2m29s video below.


Journey into Hyrule like you’ve never seen it before as Link rides to the ruins of Castletown to face off in the Final Battle with Ganondorf to save Princess Zelda.

This is a teaser for The Final Battle, a not-for-profit short fan film being produced as a collaboration between the Zelda Project and Player Piano, to bring fans of the Legend of Zelda a live-action recreation of the epic fight between Link and Ganondorf. Be sure to subscribe to the channel and keep your eye out for more awesome videos, including the Final Battle.” –TZP



“HEY! Uh, Link? I know I don’t talk much, but that sweater, scarf thing? Uh, never mind. LISTEN!”


While short, and to the point, the visual effects and the costume design are certainly something to make note of. It’s quality like this that takes a fan project out from the fray of the woodwork and you get something that is elegant, brilliant, and worthy of the respect some fans are so hesitant to give.



Epona: “How did we end up in Mordor? Wait, horses can’t talk. Never mind.”


It’s true, we really have not seen all that The Zelda Project team has to offer for their fan film, but passion, devotion, and a strong understanding of the source material do not seem to fail and fall as often as they used to. Hard work certainly pays off and I can say without a shed of doubt that the GO Staff, myself included, would appreciate a fan film of this caliber over a dreadful Hollywood attempt any day of the year.

If you would like to know more of their process and the team’s intentions behind The Zelda Project, be sure and show your support. With or without it, they still stand to offer something Zelda fans have long since been hoping for, even if there are plans to bring a live action Zelda series to Netflix.

Keep it up guys, we’re rooting for ya.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.

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