You Can Own a Full Scale Halo Plasma Rifle


[dropcap size=small]D[/dropcap]on’t finalize your holiday wish-list just yet.

The video game replica guru’s over at TriForce are releasing full-sized Halo Plasma Rifle replicas next year!

The Halo 2: Anniversary Edition Plasma Rifles are built to scale, and come in the standard purple, or Brute red. The standard Plasma Rifle is going to run you $600, and you can secure yours now with a $150 deposit. The Brute Plasma Rifle is going to cost you a bit more – $650 with a $162.50 deposit. Both rifles have similar dimensions – they weigh in about 15 pounds, are 24.5 inches long, and are 14 inches tall. The standard rifle is a limited edition of 500 pieces, with the Brute Rifle a limited edition of only 150.

Both rifles are hand-finished and hand-painted, and have working LED effects! Check them out below, and if you’ve got wads of cash to throw around, pre-order yours here!


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