The first trailer to Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to 2017’s top-tier DC film starring Gal Gadot, is here and there are two big takeaways:

Steve Trevor is alive. It takes place in 1984.

It doesn’t take long in the trailer before Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who heroically sacrificed himself during the climax of the first film, is inexplicably alive and appears to not have aged despite the sequel taking 66 years after the first movie. AND HE’S WEARING A TRACKSUIT.

Also, it should be obvious by the title, but the movie is set in 1984, and the trailer won’t let you forget that. From the bright neon colors, a giant booming mall, and a sick remix of Blue Monday, the movie is dripping in 80s aesthetics, very much so like Thor: Ragnarok and Stranger Things 3.

Wonder Woman 1984 will see Diana Price face two new foes: businessman Maxwell Lord (Pedro Pascal) and Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah (Kristen Wiig), and is once again directed by the love of my life Patty Jenkins.

Will WW84 be as great and refreshing as the first film? How did Steve survive? Did he get blown into space and became a Green Lantern? Will there be a shopping montage set to “Material Girl?”

We’ll find out on June 5, 2020.