Wolverine 3, aka ‘Logan,’ Trailer is Officially Released!


There has been a vast amount of anticipation for the trailer of Logan, and now fans shall not need to wait any longer.

Check it out below.


Set in the future of 2024, Logan and Professor Charles Xavier are the only X-Men left and their powers are diminishing, as seen with Logan’s healing factor not healing scars. We’re then introduced to a character that’s “very much” like Logan, credited as Laura. To those who don’t know, Laura Kinney is the female clone of Wolverine but is better known as X-23. In the trailer, another set of claws intertwine with Logan’s but it’s important to note that they are sets of three as well, but X-23 only has two claws in both hands AND feet. Maybe it’s a dream sequence but its weird the international trailer excluded this scene, but the scene there is incredibly brutal, so that’s nice.

Check out the international trailer below.


The trailer makes it seem like Logan is taking an entirely different approach to storytelling than the X-Men films prior to it. It seems like moments of pure heartwarming goodness and brutality are going to coexist. It’s also hard to say when this movie takes place, but it’s very easy to draw connections to the “Old Man Logan” story.

Logan is set to snikt his way into theaters March 3, 2017.

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