Stardew Valley Publisher Says Upcoming Wizard RPG ‘Witchbrook’ Development is “In Progress”

Chucklefish has yet to share any further details on Witchbrook, but at least we know progress is being made.

Just over a month- that is how long it has been since we got an update from developer Chucklefish on Witchbrook’s progress. The game, which is basically Stardew Valley crossed with Harry Potter/Little Witch Academia, has us more than intrigued and eager to learn more, whenever that will be.

There are probably less than a dozen or so screenshots out there that Chucklefish has directly released, and you probably won’t find any official websites pertaining to Witchbrook either. Last we reported, back in 2018, ‘Witchbrook’ was in early development under a different name even, ‘Spellbound’ (which we really liked).

In fact, the most active community so far is the /r/Witchbrook subreddit, but if you look over there, they are all sitting patiently (more or less) waiting for updates or more info. Some more eager users are even wondering just how to support the game, wondering if there is a way to donate or give their money early to help the development process along.

Witchbrook is a richly detailed single-player school simulation and action RPG. Experience the thrills and pitfalls of high school drama in a living magical world and discover your own identity as a Witch-in-training.

Chucklefish CEO + Lead Designer Tiy posted some other images over the last few years giving us a better look into the artistic direction of Witchbrook. Things can certainly change, and likely have since then, but we really hope the aesthetic stays the same to maintain the charm and style when it is finally released.

Much like Starbound, one of my personal favorites, the pixel-art style is superb, as seen by the above screenshot, and in my opinion, some of the best out there. Unfortunately, we don’t know any new information or details, but the premise sounds fantastic. The thought of being a young witch, wizard, warlock, mage, or whatever, learning spells and progressing through high school sounds pretty dang fun, and Chucklefish is a solid indie developer that we expect will deliver a charming and engaging experience that we can’t wait to try. Whenever that is.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.