Venom Trailer Surpasses 13m+ Views in Under 24 Hours- Fans Equally as Excited as they are Skeptical

Sony’s Venom spin-off has fans going nuts with hype and anticipation after the first official trailer reveals the iconic symbiote. But can this movie live up to its potential?

Probably not. 

The plot to Venom isn’t 100% clear, considering the timeline of events that takes place. You see, while Venom’s first official trailer is exploding like crazy, with fans in full support of the style and appearance of the character, many are on the fence on just how to feel about the film as a whole. Why? Well, considering the previous treatment we got with Venom in Spider-Man 3, the Andrew Garfield reboot, and of course there’s the director and writing team chosen for this spin-off. But what makes matters worse, is that Sony wants to do so many spin-offs before allowing their characters to be established in the Spider-Man universe. By that I mean, Venom may or may not take place after Homecoming, but possibly before or after Spider-Man 2. And that is a problem.

You see, folks, Venom is the way he is because he latched on to Peter Parker first. This gives Venom a sense of the Spider-Man power(s) and is responsible for why Venom acts the way he does and maintains the abilities that he utilizes. The Symbiote retains some of Peter’s powers, which is why Venom’s tendrils resemble webs being shot out, or why his face looks like a mutated and monstrous form of Spider-Man.

If the trailer is to express that Eddie got the Symbiote first, and that it was developed in a lab and not from space, then how is it that Venom is able to resemble Spider-Man so much? And when exactly does this film take place? And will Venom have the white spider logo on his chest at all? Kinda hope not with that last one.

Well, to address one question, the Symbiote being a science experiment over a space creature, would be because the MCU is largely based on Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Universe, where Peter Parker’s and Eddie Brock’s fathers joined up to create a solution to cure diseases and stuff and thus the Venom Symbiote was born. Whether you support this plot directive is up to you, subjectively. However, my concerns with this film are far more focused on the team putting it together (excluding the visual design team, they get a pass here).

This is how Venom is supposed to look. Hopefully the rest of the movie is done right. 

.The visuals are undeniably awesome, but that has not curbed the skepticism from fans due to Sony’s track record and history with the character and Spider-Man as a whole (of whom may or may not appear at all in this flick). This could partially be due to director Ruben Fleischer’s film history, which includes Zombieland (okay, not bad), Gangster Squad (potential, but poorly received), Two Night Stand (oh wait, what?), and 30 Minutes or Less (can someone please explain why Sony thought Fleishcer was the right guy for Venom?).

Okay, so Ruben may not have the strongest resume to support the fact that he is taking on Venom. But… let’s try and give the guy a chance, right?.

If Director Fleischer gets a pass from fanboys, then maybe the writing team is what has people so nervous. Specifically that of Kelly Marcel. Marcel’s writing credits includes only Disney’s Saving Mr Banks, Fifty Shades of Grey (holy crap, what a massive shift in tone), and the upcoming Disney film, Cruella (going back to what you do best, eh?).

Look, Sony had a hit with Spider-Man: Homecoming, which, and let’s be honest, was largely due to Marvel Studios being involved, but maybe there is a chance this film could be really good? Maybe, just maybe?

Venom comes to theaters on October 5, 2018. The film stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, with rumors that Tom Holland will make at least a cameo appearance of some kind, presumably just as Peter Parker when he applies to The Daily Bugle or something. 

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