Visceral Games Wants More Dead Space


And So Do We

Since 2001, Visceral Games has brought about the likes of some of the most exciting and entertaining games to date. From the well-received James Bond Agent Under Fire, Everything or Nothing, to The Lord of the Rings, God Father, add a couple of Battlefield titles in there, and of course the title that put them on the map, Dead Space.

[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]ack in January, we published an article regarding some HD remakes we would like to see, and among them was the Dead Space trilogy. Of course, the Dead Space trilogy is not old by any means, and perhaps isn’t ready to bring about a remaster just yet. But the fact is, they were a blast to play and we desperately want to put ourselves in the shoes of Isaac Clarke once more and take on the hideously deformed demonic undead necromorphs.

Watch Your Back

Those necromorphs are ugly, and they smell horrible– He’s behind me, isn’t he…


Of course, Dead Space was fun and had great reviews to its name, but the truth is, we were not sure whether or not Visceral Games would be making another one considering they have the Battlefield franchise (Hardline) on their plate and an untitled Star Wars game (rumors are Battlefront III). So naturally, we would be willing to pay to revisit the same story with updated visuals for current generation consoles.

Well, it appears that our prayers may have kind of sort have been answered by the gaming gods, because it would seem like Visceral has plans to visit the Isaac and Ishimura at some point real soon.

Many, many people here at Visceral have a warm spot in their heart for Dead Space, and right now we’re busy with Hardline and…other things… but it’s definitely something we’d love to look at again. There’s definitely a lot of interest internally for us to pick that up again at a future date.” -Visceral Games GM Steve Papoutsis tells GamesTM

With what EA ultimately considered “poor sales” expectations of Dead Space 3, publisher EA Sports has been rather tight-lipped about any future plans for the series, even though DS3 was on top of the sales charts.

Regardless of sales, and future plans of new installments, fans abroad will likely agree when we say that an HD Remaster of the 3 primary installments of Dead Space for the PS4 and XBO on one disc with all DLC would be more than enough to slake our Dead Space lust until the future of the game’s franchise is decided.

I prefer Crocs for their style over their comfort.


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