Live-Action ‘Uncharted’ Movie, Starring Tom Holland, Gets a December 18, 2020 Release Date

Tom Holland takes on the role of a young Nathan Drake in SONY's first Uncharted live-action film.

Hot of the heels of the MCU, Tom Holland is taking on another major film endeavor, in the role of young Nathan Drake. Sony has big plans for video game developer Naughty Dog’s favored franchise, which seems like is on track to become a film franchise next.

Considering how young Tom Holland looks (and is), it make sense that Sony would want to make a franchise out of Uncharted and keep it going for as long as they can, assuming the first one does well enough. We all know how video game turned movies end up, but hopefully Uncharted will be one of the rare exceptions.

We can sort of see it.

Uncharted has been in production for a couple of years now, at least, with writers Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker having drafted the most recent screenplay. Filming has not begun as of yet, with no plot details beyond that this is clearly a Nathan Drake origin story, but its safe to assume that the movie will likely have a Tomb Raider-esque type tone, considering the Uncharted video games follow similar themes.

Not much more is known at this time, but we will update you when we have more details to share.




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