Tom Holland Gives First Look as Nathan Drake in Upcoming Uncharted Film

Tom Holland shows off the first official look as a young Nathan Drake in the upcoming video game turned movie releasing next summer.

Uncharted has seen some massive success as a video game franchise from Naughty Dog, and while the story unfolds over many games in the series, there are still stories left to tell. As an origin story, we will get to see Nathan Drake start out his early days as an explorer, adventurer, and all-around smooth guy when the movie releases on July 16 of next year. However, as most are quick to point out, video games turned big-screen movies don’t always pan out so well. But with Tom Holland in the lead, we may still have hope yet.

Earlier today, Tom Holland teased the first look with him in the role of Drake, having referenced receiving Nolan North’s approval. North, who voiced Nathan Drake in the games, is just the guy you want as a mentor and the two couldn’t seem happier with the direction of the upcoming film.

You have to admit, he has got the look down. From the watch to the dirty henley, Holland nails it as Nathan Drake. Plus, with Holland’s acting chops, we feel that he is a great fit for the role, at least as a younger Drake in the earlier days of his adventurer career.

What was also shared was that filming is just wrapping up, with Holland getting ready to jump back into the Spidey suit to start filming on Spider-Man 3 (tentative title) for Sony and Marvel Studios. Seems like Hollywood is pulling him in all directions, but Holland seems to be enjoying his work as some of the most iconic characters under the Sony brand (Uncharted was a Sony PlayStation exclusive franchise and Sony owns the on-screen rights to Spider-Man, if that wasn’t clear).

It won’t be long now before we get a teaser trailer, and then likely a full-length official trailer after that. And if things go well for this film come July, we can likely expect a sequel or two for Uncharted. You don’t usually cast a young actor (He’s 24 but will likely be pegged as younger in the movie) in a role like this without plans on a multi-picture deal.

Unchartedcomes to theaters July 16, 2021 and stars Tom Holland as Nathan Drake, Mark Wahlberg as Victor Sullivan with Antonio Banderas, Sophia Taylor Ali, and Tati Gabreille rounding out the core cast.

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