The Time is Meow, help make Super Troopers 2


Super Troopers 2 is a go! The sequel from Broken Lizard made a support page on Indiegogo the other day and reached its $2 million goal in just 24 hours.

[dropcap size=small]A[/dropcap]s the group mentioned on the funding page, Fox gave them permission to make the film and offered to distribute the project, but they had to acquire their own funding. Broken Lizard set the line at $2 million to get the movie made, but that will result in what they refer to as a “barebones” version of the script that is written and ready to go.

In addition to a sequel for which fans have been waiting over a decade, benefits to getting on board include everything from Fandago tickets and digital downloads to all five members standing up as your best men when you get married, and getting to keep the patrol car.

Super Troopers starred all five members of Broken Lizard along with Brian Cox as a group of Vermont state troopers whose antics overshadow their actual mission to protect and serve. They get to prove their metal when they stumble upon a huge drug-smuggling ring while sticking it to their rivals in the Spurbury Police Department.

No dates have been set for the release of Super Troopers 2.


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