PlayStation’s ‘The Last Guardian’… or ‘The Lost Guardian’?


[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he Last Guardian, a PlayStation exclusive that has been long in development, hasn’t made any appearances at recent shows. Let’s see:

E3: Nope

Comic-Con: Still nope.

Gamescom: Ye- Oh wait, no.

TGS: … :(

PlayStation head honcho, Shuhei Yoshida, states that development is going swimmingly, but jokingly interjects that he’s actually exaggerating. The last we’ve heard, Sony mentions developer Team Ico was making progress on the title that was announced in 2009. This is turning out to be like Duke Nukem Forever, which actually ended up coming out, and I waited for it at midnight, on launch day. It was also terrible, but I loved every Duking second of it.

“We continue to work diligently on the game, so please look forward to it.” -Shuhei Yoshida, latest Weekly Famitsu

Personally, I think we’ll at least be getting a teaser in the near future. Sony better hop to it soon; most upcoming blockbuster titles are multi-platform and they need something to set apart the PlayStation 4.



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