“That Wizard Came From the Moon” Dinklage Voice-Over Update


For those of you who read about our Destiny Alpha experiences, you should know that we can predict the future. Geek Outpost is full of almighty wizards who have the power to control time and space. With that being said, Peter Dinklage’s dull voice over performance, as The Ghost, is getting an update.

To be polite on the matter, the readings were dryer than an 80-year-old nun. A tidal wave of memes came in and Bungie didn’t miss a beat. Alas, this was born:


Apparently, Bungie donated the profits, generated by sales, to charity. You go, Bungie.

The Ghost dialog update, for the Beta, is already finished. However, we’re unsure if the dialogue will undergo any additional updates prior to launch.

Developed by Bungie, published by Activision, Destiny comes to PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One this September 9th.

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