Surgeon Simulator Dev Looking to “Return to the Roots of Online Gaming”


A simple, yet elegant world is waiting for you to explore in World’s Adrift.

[dropcap size=small]T[/dropcap]he developer that brought you Surgeon Simulator, Bossa Studios, is working on an Online MMO without NPCs or Quests. It will live and breath in one persistent world shared by one large server. It’s called Worlds Adrift.

The recently released trailer focuses primarily on airship combat, construction, and exploration. It’s very much in the beginning stages of development but Bossa promises that the game will “live and breath.”

The overall goal is to create a game that “returns to the roots of online multiplayer games. We want it to be a freeform exploration and adventure game where players create their own objectives, because we believe those are consistently the most rewarding and empowering goals to attain.”

They went on to add that there will be, “no quest hubs and no NPCs standing around forever, waiting to give you tasks. There are no low-level zones and high-level zones, because there will be no levels. There are no static, choreographed environments and events that replay for every new player.”


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