Supergirl is Moving to The CW, Renewed for a Second Season

Welcome to Canada Supergirl, enjoy your stay.

Don’t worry Supergirl fans, Superman’s cousin is here to stay but just at a different television network. The EW confirmed what many fans of the show speculated after reports of the show’s high budget per episode and drop in viewers became a concern for CBS. The news was released yesterday ahead of this month’s TV network upfronts and the show will join the rest of CW’s DC Entertainment series Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Supergirl had a strong amount of viewers when the show’s pilot episode aired, bringing in 13 million viewers. Unfortunately, this number dropped as the series progressed and by the season finale only 6.11 million viewers were accounted for. Compared to CW’s The Flash, which averages roughly 5.5 million viewers an episode, 6 million viewers is a lot. Sadly, for a television network like CBS that was handling the show’s reported budget of $3 million an episode this number of viewers was not high enough for the television network to bring in a sizeable profit. Executive producer Greg Berlanti expressed his concern for the show’s high budget in an interview with the EW last year.

“The other thing I would say was incredibly hard, was just trying to do something of this scope and size, and, quite truthfully, in Los Angeles. It’s an expensive city to shoot in. These things don’t come cheap, and we didn’t want to do it if we couldn’t give it the scope that it really deserves.”

So what does this mean for Supergirl’s second season? For starters, the show will presumably see a significant drop in the show’s budget per episode. While this may seem like a poor decision at first, now that Supergirl is closer at home with a network that has a fairly good track record of following DC Entertainment’s comics closely, this could be just what show needs to boost the show’s creativity and appease diehard Supergirl fans.

Supergirl was praised for its impressive special effect and casting choice but the show failed to follow the comics closely which upset numerous fans. Now that the show is at home with other DC Entertainment shows hopefully Supergirl will have a stronger plotline with its second season. Who knows, maybe we’ll see another crossover with The Flash and possibly even Arrow.




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