Jedi: Fallen Order will get First Gameplay Reveal at EA Play Next Month

Reminder: No matter how good it looks, do not pre-order. Wait for reviews, then decide.

In a recent Tweet from EA, the announcement for Respawn’s upcoming single-player Star Wars title has us anxious to see what the Titanfall dev can do with force powers and a lightsabre.



Next month is E3, and we are expecting a lot of huge news from many different developers, publishers, and console giants. And whether you love ’em or hate ’em, EA has control over your future Star Wars gaming experience. At this point in time, it is not clear if EA has swallowed their own words regarding gamers wanting single-player titles or not, but what we do know is that we do. We always want more single-player campaigns and it looks like Fallen Order will give us just that. But be careful, this is EA, after all.

In the gaming world, EA is known for pushing microtransactions (Battlefront II comes to mind), and after all the Anthem trouble lately, I would not be surprised if no one purchased another game with EA’s name associated with it. Sure, these are two very different types of games and it would not be fair to compare them. One is a games as a service experience, and one is a single-player campaign. Just remember, when pre-order bonuses are announced, just think about what you are doing to the gaming community at large when you tell them that pre-orders and microtransactions are acceptable in the forms that certain predatory companies deliver.

Still, the game does look cool. But at this point, there is no game that looks cool enough to pre-order without reviews.



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