Speed-Runner has Beaten Valve’s Portal without using Portals

Its happened! Portal runner, icy has broken the world record in a speedrun of the game.

To make this feat all the more impressive, he did it without creating a single Portal. To top it off, it was completed in a cool 47:51.

Now I’ve played Portal, to my detriment when it comes to motion-sickness, and this is no easy task.  Especially given that this whole game revolves around the creation of portals with your portal gun to shoot holes within the level so that you can actually progress through the game.

Much of icy’s success in breaking this record is attributed to him pulling off a trick very early on in the game.  He said himself that he was willing to spend up to 45 minutes on that one trick alone.  This, coupled with a save glitch that enabled him to trick the game into allowing him onto a high ledge early on, is ultimately responsible for such an amazing record.

Watch his insane run below but I will warn you, his potty mouth is almost as bad as mine!






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