‘Space Jam’ Sequel is Happening with LeBron James, Eyeing ‘Fast Five’ Director

(We’re not joking this time.)

Perhaps inspired by our April Fools’ prank, it looks like Warner Bros. is actually moving forward with a Space Jam sequel. 

The Hollywood Reporter reveals that the studio is in talks with Justin Lin to direct Space Jam 2, with LeBron James in the lead role. 

Lin has directed a number of high-profile films, including four entries in the Fast & Furious franchise (Tokyo Drift through Fast 6), and the upcoming Star Trek Beyond

Space Jam (a humble little film in which aliens enslave the Looney Tunes, who in turn, challenge them to a basketball game with Michael Jordan), has been rumored to be getting a sequel for years. Last July, a deal between world famous NBA star LeBron James and Warner Bros. seemed to confirm Space Jam 2 was imminent, but it now looks like it’s really happening. 

Also reported is that screenwriter Andrew Dodge (Bad Words) has been hired to pen the script, along with Lin.

So many questions remain. Will Michael Jordan return? Will the Looney Tunes once more shoot hoops against an intergalactic threat? Does Bill Murray still not play defense? 

Hopefully all these questions will be answered soon. 

Come on and slam and welcome to the jam. Space Jam 2 is happening. 




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