‘Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma’ Confirmed for Season 4, will Debut in October 2019

An epilogue series will also run its course in Jump Giga for a few months over the summer, beginning at the end of June.

Otaku Mode has confirmed through their translation of a Japanese report over at Anime! Anime! that Food Wars! will be back this fall with a fourth season titled ‘Shokugeki no Soma: Shin no Sara’ in October of this year.

The promo poster, which you can see below, shows of Erina and Yukihira front and center, surrounded by a lot of Japanese text that I won’t even attempt to translate. Though you can clearly see at their feat what obviously points out the October 2019 release date for the next season of the popular series.

Season 4 Promo Poster courtesy of @shokugeki_anime

As if a fourth season was exciting enough, it turns out we will be getting an epilogue manga tie-in beginning June 27th. Set to debut in JUMP Giga, ‘Shokugeki no Soma: Le dessert’ will kick off later this month and run through the summer.

Le Desert promo image courtesy of OtakuMode

Recently, I happened to have been introduced to Food Wars! and have been watching it non-stop with every chance I get. The art, the humor, and the anime absurdity are all here and I can’t get enough.

Currently, on the Third Plate (season 3), I have yet to see how the series plays out, but I am excited to see that we will indeed be getting at least one more season later this year.

Waiting for the next season like




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