Rumor: Next Gen GTA V Releases November 17


We know that we’re getting a next-gen version of Grand Theft Auto V (confirmed at E3 this year); what we didn’t know was when we were getting it. We may have an idea, based on a pre-order posting from a UK retailer’s web page.

PC Gamer reports that Coolshop posted a pre-order listing for the game advertising a release date as November 17. Because games are usually released on Fridays in the UK, the date holds some value as a plausible date for release. The listing was shortly thereafter changed to December 31, but a screenshot of the page was taken before the change occurred.


The announcement at E3 stated that we won’t get much more from the next-gen version other than a better video editor and the improved graphics expected of the new consoles. For some, though, that’s enough to chomp at the bit to explore Los Santos on their pretty new Xbox One (or Playstation 4 or PC.) We’ll keep a close eye on this and report back with more information as it becomes available.

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