Ruby Rose Looks Badass in the First Look Trailer for CW’s ‘Batwoman’

CW's Batwoman looks badass, and Ruby Rose is just the actress to portray her.



The CW’s Batwoman series follows Kate Kane, a rough, tough, beat-em-up kinda gal, and cousin to Bruce Wayne. After a series of crimes, including the abduction of Kane’s love interest, Kate Kane finds herself at Wayne Enterprises, where her cousin Bruce appears to be missing.

Batman has disappeared, and the public has given up on the idea of his return. Through the help of Lucious Fox’s son, Luke, Kane eventually finds her way into the Bat Cave and discovers her cousin’s great secret. With his aid, Kate Kane dawns the mask and cowl and takes the role of Gotham’s new addition to the Bat Family, Batwoman.

Mistaken for the Dark Knight herself, Kane has a way of doing things unlike Batman, and she is not about to let him get the accolades and recognition for her achievements.

I’m not about to let a man take credit for a woman’s work

The teaser looks really cool, considering it takes place in the Arrowverse, which for the most part, save for The Flash, has some seriously awkward design decisions and tones. While Batman may be the darker side of the DC universe, the teaser suggests that Batwoman will follow that tone a bit more, hopefully leaving out the majority of the campiness. Then again, it is the CW, so there should be a certain degree of campiness expected.

The Batwoman suit looks very Bale-esque. We assume it will evolve over time, but the style looks pretty dashing on Rose.

Also, I am really liking the representation here. A female superhero is not easy to garner respect, even in 2019. Wonder Woman is sort of the pinnacle of female heroes (she was the best part of BvS, though her solo film was predictable and just sort of okay), and Supergirl is fine, but the CW made it all about the campiness the network is known for so clearly, it has its flaws. Batwoman appears to take it a step further towards the darker side that Batman comics and stories are more known for.

Hollywood has a tendency to cast models and pretty faces in roles that require a certain amount of toughness that is all too often absent

Ruby Rose can be both

Ruby is the type of actor to really stand out and do the tough and rugged persona justice, and she strikes me as a sort of badass regardless. She has looks, sure, but often enough, Hollywood has a tendency to cast models and pretty faces in roles that require a certain amount of toughness that is all too often absent. Being pretty is not enough, and you can’t rely on looks to carry you through a role where the character needs to beat up a handful of armed thugs all at once. They need to be tough, and the audience needs to buy into them being tough. Ruby Rose can be both, and her role in the John Wick franchise speaks volumes to that degree.

Also, as if I needed to address this, but there are times where a character’s sexuality is shoehorned in or forced upon the audience or force-fed the sexual identity and preferences for no reason. However, Kate Kane’s history, if you read the comics since 2006, feel a lot more fluid and fleshed out. It feels real, and genuine. And considering that Ruby Rose is a genderfluid lesbian, she literally strikes every box for a Kate Kane/Batwoman casting sheet.

The CW has a long history of shows within the DC/Arrowverse that can either be fun and campy, or lousy, or really great, it all just depends on the episode and story arc, honestly. With Batwoman, we are pretty excited to see the character come to the screen in Elseworlds, and the upcoming spin-off series.

The first appearance of Batwoman in the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover.

The Elseworlds crossover brought the likes of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and more to Gotham City for the first time. There, they met Kate Kane and Batwoman.

The CW has not given an exact release date for the show, but stated that you can expect it debut on Sundays starting in the fall.

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