Rick & Morty Season 4 to Debut in November

Ah, Geez. The popular animated show featuring everyone's favorite scientist grandpa/helper grandson will return this fall.

Crazy, right? We have waited more than two years to see these two come back. Well, maybe it was manageable considering how many times we re-watched the first three seasons. Finally, no more waiting. Or, maybe just a little more waiting.

It will have been more than two whole years since Rick and Morty graced our television screens with a new episode, having seen the season 3 finale back in October 2017. You will recall that finale being the episode where Rick and Morty partner with the President once more to take on the threat in the tunnels of the White House. The episode turns into an all out battle of who is the dominant between the President of the United States and Rick Sanchez. An end of credits stinger sees the return of Mr Poopy Butthole chiming in that we didn’t get much of him in the third season, but that he will return at some point.

The last we talked about Rick and Morty, the show had been confirmed for 70 additional episodes, which is more than the first three seasons combined (31 episodes). Hopefully the show won’t take such a long hiatus once season 4 concludes.

No exact date has been given for the season 4 opener, but we are satisfied with November for now.



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