Punch, Smash, Shoot, and Obliterate Enemies in ‘Midnight Fight Express’, Coming Summer 2022

Ready to brawl?

In Midnight Fight Express, you do nothing but the absolute shit out of enemies in the most violent way you possibly can. Use a gun to blow them to pieces execution-style, sever their limbs with chainsaws, dropkick them into an oncoming train, the list goes on and on. In fact, the trailer from Gamescom revealed earlier left us to wonder in just what ways you can’t kill someone. Take a look:

Fight your way across the city in a brutal romp that mixes old-school brawlers, fast-paced motion captured combat, customizable skills. Use fists, feet, knives, pipes, pistols, machine guns, and more to wade through piles of enemies on your way to victory.


  • Fast-paced combat system including light and heavy melee attacks, blocking, counter attacks, throws, dodging, melee and ranged weapons, brutal finishing moves, and environmental kills triggered when close to appropriate objects/areas.
  • Motion captured fight animation system.
  • Customizable character including appearance, skills, and combat style.
  • Amazing soundtrack.
  • Over 40 levels of very challenging gameplay each with scores and leaderboards.

Midnight Fight Express comes to PS4, XBO, PC via Steam, and Switch next summer.

Watch the Gamescom Livestream (recording) right here:

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