Two New Pokemon Games, ‘Pokemon Quest’ and ‘Pokemon: Let’s Go’, Announced for the Switch

Pokemon Quest will also be available on mobile!

The Pokemon Company certainly did not hold back with their surprise announcement today, unveiling both Pokemon Quest for the smartphone (it is free to play on mobile) and the Nintendo Switch, as well as Pokemon Let’s Go for the Nintendo Switch, which has two version available involving either Eevee or Pikachu. Check out the tweet and video below!

Both newly announced games will take players back to the first 150 Pokemon and each game will offer its own unique experience. Pokemon Quest features a block-like look similar to Minecraft and players will be able to use “up to three Pokemon” while being able to “explore the secrets of Tumblecube Island. Battle wild Pokémon, gather treasure, and even befriend new Pokemon–if you have the right ingredients, that is!”

The other announced game, Pokemon Let’s Go, will have features implemented that are similar to catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go by using the Switch Joy-Cons to throw Pokeballs at Pokémon to catch them.

Pokémon Let’s Go will be released on November 16 with a Pokémon Go Plus device sold separately, Pokemon Quest has no official release date.


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