Playstation Outsells Xbox 3:1 from April-June


Sony’s Financial Report has revealed that from April through June 30, it sold more than 3 PS units for every 1 Xbox unit, totaling 3.5 million Playstation consoles. Compare this to Microsoft’s 1.1 million units, one could argue that gamers simply prefer how Sony does things.

With a troubled start in the beginning, Microsoft had to back-pedal on more than one occasion after fans slaughtered the Xbox for DRM, constant online check-ins, etc., while Sony managed to just sort of sit back and rake in the cash and take over the market share. To put it simply; gamers want a gaming console, and that is what Sony gave them, for $100 less than the then $500 price for Xbox One, which could have been a reasonably large impact on these numbers.

Of course, with a new generation of consoles on the horizon, prior generation consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 would see a drastic price-cut. At the time of this writing, you can pick up a 20GB Refurbished Xbox 360 with 6 games for $129.99, while the a 40GB Refurbished PS3 with only 5 games is $159.99. The topic is hard to debate, but if you are on the side of gamers-prefer-Playstation, then you might just be on the winning side.

Sony is also reporting that they have seen an increase in PS Vita hand-held devices, jumping from 600,000, to 750,000, adding to what is nearly a 200% increase in profits alone in a single year. The report is also projecting a forecast of roughly 17 million Playstation consoles will be sold by March of 2015, not including the 3.5 million PS Vitas also projected. If you have done the math in your head over the course of reading this sentence, that is over 20 million consoles! Holy crap!

With a rapidly expanding online platform in the form of PS Plus, it does not look like Sony is slowing down anytime soon. Whatever Microsoft has up their sleeves to gain some traction and try to catch up in this ongoing console race, they had better do it quick. We think that an Xbox handheld device could help. Call it, Xbox Mini (Patent Pending).


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