Anime Series Review: One Punch Man

The popular manga turned popular anime series lives up to the hype and is worth every minute of your time.

One Punch Man, the viral 2009 web comic that became a popular manga series selling millions of copies debuted its run in the world of anime from October – December in 2015. Now, the series is rumored to be getting a second season with the first season debuting in English on Saturday, July 16 on Cartoon Network’s Toonami block. And although you may have to wait every Saturday going forward to catch all 12 episodes in the series, you can catch the original Japanese version with English subtitles on Hulu. Which is exactly what we did, and we loved every minute. Check out our review video below!


The series stands out in a world of anime copycats, with a unique story, stupendous dialogue, and great humor. Focusing on the main character, Saitama and his would-be disciple Genos, the series centers on the two growing the ranks of the Hero Association while trying to make a name for themselves in a world of heroes. The main issue being, no enemy is able to withstand Saitama’s overwhelming power, which puts the hero in a bit of hot water more than in the good graces of the civilians he saves.

Bored with no real challenge in battle, Saitama struggles to understand how he can take down every major villain that threatens earth without receiving an ounce of recognition. What’s more, is that instead of being recognized as a hero, he is constantly mistaken for villains or a cheater stealing the credit of other heroes, despite the fact that most of the heroes of the world are normal people with get-ups that are nothing more than a lousy gimmick. Just how does he deal with all the struggles of being a hero for fun? You can either get the jump on the series early by checking it out on Hulu, or you can wait for the English episodes every Saturday starting tomorrow.

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