One Punch Man is Getting a New Fighting Game, ‘A Hero Nobody Knows’

Another popular anime is getting an arena-style fighter. Will this be any better than the last few we have seen recently?

Talk about balancing issues- A Hero Nobody Knows is a sort of open-arena fighter like several recently published titles from Bandai-Namco. The game, which shows off Mumen Rider, Genos, Sonic, Blizzard, and Saitama as playable characters, also appears to mimic the visual style of games like J-Stars, JUMP Force, and XenoVerse, all of which share the same sort of arena fighting experience.

It seems that Bandai-Namco has many popular anime/manga franchise rights in their pocket, with many getting games that tend to be rather pleasing to the eye, with not much to be said about quality gameplay.

I give about a day or two before people forget this game just like the My hero fighter

Over the last few years, Bandai-Namco-published titles have started to receive criticism for having nothing more than visual appeal, and then falling to the wayside after just a short period following a launch. It seems that many fans of OPM are sort of expecting the same thing to happen again, too.

One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows does not have a release date as of yet, though we expect it to be announced soon. It will also be available on various platforms, including PS4, XBO, and PC, thought it was not specified if Steam is among the PC platforms it will be sold on.