New Trailer for Tekken 7


tekkencharactersThe Tekken franchise is a staple in the fighter genre. The new trailer for Tekken 7 reveals more about the story behind Tekken 7 than the actual fighting or mechanics players will find in the game. This is a significant departure from how other fighter-genre games have marketed themselves.

An obvious competitor, Mortal Combat X focused on showing gameplay and new techniques that would be employed in the latest iteration of the MK franchise and it was well received.

Tekken is departing from their usual marketing style and allowing players to feel for the characters they’ll be playing in a genre that is often lacking in-depth story.

What do you think of the new trailer for Tekken 7? Are you excited to see how everything plays out? Or are you feeling empty without additional gameplay and fighting sequences? Let us know in the comments!

Tekken 7 is developed and published by Namco/Bandai and is powered by the 4th Gen Unreal Engine. Release date is TBD.

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