New Pokemon Legendary: Marshadow, first Ghost/Fighting Type

The Pokémon Company gave us information on the latest legendary Pokémon known as Marshadow.  What is so special about this Pokémon?  Marshadow is the first Pokémon to have the attributes of a fighting and ghost type.  With that said, this rare combo will make it far easier to take down a psychic-type Pokémon.  Marshadow also has an ability called Spectral Thief attack; which allows it to steal stat boosts of its’ target and follow up with an attack.

Apparently, it was stated in the Pokémon’s bio, it prefers to observe others from “deep within the shadows”.  Does the previous statement help explain why there was no way of catching it?  I mean there is no way for you to catch something that you can’t see. 

There is no need to worry; because the Pokémon Company hinted a while back that more information will become available as soon as you receive confirmation that Marshadow actually existed.  WHAT A CLEAVER TEASE! Later this year a special distribution event will take place; therefore, stay on the lookout for more details.  In the meantime, check out the trailer and a video clip of Marshadow’s Z move in action.





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