New Justice League Manga Gives a Fresh New Look to DC

THIS IS SOME CRAZY NEWS! A female artist by the name of Shiori Teshirogi is drawing up a new series called Batman and the Justice League.  The publisher manga company, Champion Red, is on board to make this fusion of American comics and Japanese style manga a reality! This series went on sale on June 19.  This is amazing news; because DC only obtained a few collabs with creators from Japan back in 2008.  It is interesting to note that this new series is going to stick to the standard kind of formula in terms of plot.  Batman and the Justice League will be facing off against the Joker and his team of villainous baddies. 

Other well known characters such as Superman, Wonder Woman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and Cyborg will be featured in this manga.  The characters definitely have the look of our traditional super heroes; however they sport more anime style features in terms of hair, eyes, face structure, and other bodily features.  I just have to point out this one interesting observation.  Why does Aqua-Man look so much like Sanji from the popular Japanese manga One Piece?  THIS ART JUST LOOKS SO DARN GOOD!

A sample of the incredible artwork done for the manga Batman and the Justice League.

Japan heard about the American made super heroes; but just how much do they know about them?  Wonder Woman is one of the lesser known heroines in Japan and there are quite a few other heroes that many not ring a bell within the Japanese community.  It is difficult to determine just how successful this manga will be due to the lack of knowledge; however the fact that Japan is going to be exposed to some of the most iconic heroes of all time will be a treat for those who are curious or open minded.  You gotta appreciate how Teshirogi wanted to share a part of American culture.  After all, many Americans have fallen in love with various forms of Japanese culture.  Therefore, it would be cool to hear about Japanese individuals whom took a liking to Batman and company. 




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