New Console Mod Solves Xbox Backwards Compatability


[dropcap size=small]S[/dropcap]ince the release of the Xbox One, gamers have clamored for the machine to support backwards compatibility so that they can play some of their favorite Xbox 360 games on the new console.

Now, a modded console has fulfilled that request, allowing Xbox 360 and Xbox One games to be played on one super-machine– And you don’t get to have one.

Console modder Edward Zarick is the mad scientist behind the creation that he has dubbed the “Xbook Duo”. It combines an Xbox 360 and Xbox One console in one package, and can play games from either format with the flip of a switch.

Because the Xbook Duo is only a prototype, it is currently not for sale.

Guts n' stuff.
Guts n’ stuff.

Zarick explains on his website exactly how his Xbook Duo is laid out. According to his video posts, the Xbox 360 components are oriented on the left side of the unit, with the Xbox One workings on the right. Only one power cable is required, and an HDMI output for both consoles runs through a switcher. The Xbox Duo features a 22″ Vizio monitor for gaming on-the-go, and can also be plugged into a television set for traditional gaming. Currently, separate Xbox 360 and Xbox One controllers are needed to work with their respective consoles.

While Microsoft has made no official announcements regarding future backwards compatibility for the Xbox One console, they have suggested that a remedy for the issue may be in the works. With the Xbook Duo reveal, we may see Microsoft working a little quicker to come up with their own solution.


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